Finding Love, Acceptance and Trust

Hello The emotional compromises we have to make to be acceptable and loving state with our parents changes our beliefs and expectations about love. The conditions attached to receiving love can be so overwhelming that we come to believe that all love is conditional.

It is crucial to our understanding of ourselves that we recognize that once love has become a conditional state for us, we no longer trust it and develop fear of the conditions we have to meet if we choose to accept or give it. Because we always gravitate to find harmony in our sense-of-self with love, our internal conflict with love is our greatest human and spiritual challenge.

Everyone is looking for love to find the harmony and fulfillment they feel is lacking in their life. More then often when we believe we have found the love of our life it turns out to be very different to what we expected it be. We often innocently assume that on finding love, happiness and fulfillment will automatically follow and many of our emotional issues will be resolved. Unfortunately, they will remain unresolved if we continue to rely on our strategies to be the solution.

Once you are in distrust of unconditional love, trust and acceptance you will unconsciously set conditions for these when you enter an intimate relationship as an adult. Here are some examples how this may occur and the potential outcome.


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30 May 2012 4:53 am