All of existence comes from a central core with the innate intent to creatively evolve. The force for harmony or equilibrium is seemingly in contradiction with creative acts of various levels of magnitude but each is an intrinsic part of the universe. Consciousness is inseparable from this because while we may be able to imagine that the universe can exist without it we have to be consciously present to know if it is true. The universe is unconditional in its creative intent yet the attraction it has towards harmony gives bias to the direction of its creative process. Even though it can freely create existence rooted in disharmony or fear, the consequences that are manifested by these only drive it towards seeking harmony and equilibrium.

The constant interplay between these appears as if a conflict but in essence are necessary for the expansion of consciousness to greater potentials and/ or new levels of diversity. As such true randomness does not really exist because the potential of creativity, fear or disharmony and harmony exists in everything. The central origin of everything-that-is ensures that all of existence is interrelated so that each minute of act of change resonates throughout all of existence and affects everything that is. Each act of creativity or change is relevant to the nature of everything that exists.

As far as humanity is concerned nothing exists in isolation and we therefore need to live life with this awareness in mind. The emotional experience our consciousness has of the intent of the universe and its bias towards harmony is the innate attraction to be unconditionally loved, accepted and trusted, just like we feel disharmony and chaos as fear and guilt.

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31 October 2012 3:33 pm