The Higher Purpose of Personal Change

The magic of our spirit is that it tells you that it is in disharmony with your sense-of-self by the negative nature of the feelings it manifests, and the negative experience of reality it creates for you. This is the internal guidance that will allow you to know if you need to confront a negative belief system. Once you have chosen to confront it, understand it and let go of it, you need have no fear of losing your identity. The moment you release your negative beliefs your true nature will begin to reveal itself to you layer by layer. You will be able to notice it through the changes you will feel and see in yourself and in your life. This is a decisive step, which may require you to suspend
all of your fears and demand your faith in the ultimate integrity of your spirit and your Creator. Each change brings transformation of your sense-of-self causing it to become more representative of the nature of your spirit as it aligns itself progressively with unconditional love, trust and acceptance. Each time you go though this process of release it will become easier.

Your intent plays a powerful part in your process of change. The intent
of your mind-self to change itself in faith and unconditional trust in your spirit and Creator will draw your energy into a pattern that will support the changes you desire to make. It is as if your intent manifests a path along which the whole process can find reality for you. Although it may seem we are no longer talking about love, we are.

We can only create harmony in our selves by absolute unconditional surrender to love, trust and acceptance by releasing the negative beliefs that separate us from doing that.

Our quest to be in a state of unconditional love is our life journey that reveals our perceived limitations as well as the true nature of our potential with the profound intent that we evolve into conscious creators in harmony with our essence. Our search for Unconditional Love is the Core Inspiration for All Consciousness. It is the fire that fuels our creative expression and the fulfilment of our potential.

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31 October 2012 3:38 pm