The Nature of Spirit

Absolutes do not exist in relation to spirit consciousness and that probably applies to everything in existence. Our existence is infinite, always subject to change. Nothing will stay as it is because all will ultimately change.

The power of being a creative spirit lies in our fundamental knowing and understanding of the difference between our true nature and our manifestations.
Our problems seem to start from our self-identification with what we manifest, in other words we believe that we are our manifestations.

While your spirit can experience and recognize its talents, abilities and growth of potential through the process of creating, it should not get lost in it and believe that it in fact is what it has created. When we turn our illusion into our reality we become responsible for our own negative experience that results from it.

The initiation of a spirit to evolve its own sense of self in a physical body in a reality which is totally foreign to its being at the time of its arrival in the foetus, is a miracle to say the least. The consciousness has only its spiritual sense of being as its only frame of inner reference. This sense of being contains the unique nature of the spirit and its potential, talents and abilities that at this time of its earthly existence are as yet undefined in relation to itself and the reality it finds itself in.

Your spirit is always responsible for the experience of existence it is having.

Your spirit is the powerful essence of your consciousness and is always your internal frame of reference for your sense of being. It is not only endowed with your total potential but is also inscribed with your uniqueness, which
is like nothing else in existence. This uniqueness makes you by definition different from all others, as they are different from you. We all share this but at the same time, generally do not honor it in ourselves or in others.

You as a spirit are ever changing. Self-change is part of the nature of your beingness. You cannot help changing because with your incessant internal drive to create and manifest in new ways you create an experience for yourself in which growth and learning are inevitable.

The source of your spirit is an expression of total love and acceptance and is part of everything that we are and part of everything that is. It is the gift and the paper that is wrapped around it at the same time and your spirit would not exist without it. While your creative manifestations always move you towards growth and learning, the intrinsic nature of love in All That Is always draws your change towards love and harmony. If your spirit believes that it can only exist in a state which does not resonate with unconditional.

Love, acceptance and harmony, the emotional mind will constantly remind you that you exist in a disharmonious state through the negative emotions you feel.

This sense of spiritual love and unconditional acceptance is our inner reference and the focus of our internal struggle. When we find it or even glimpse it, we experience the sense of true harmony and bliss that follows such a moment. We then know through how we feel, what unconditional love and acceptance not only means to us, but also that it is the inner foundation of the experience of who we are. With our gift of spiritual consciousness come many other resources, which are indigenous to our beingness.

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31 October 2012 3:41 pm