With Music In Your Soul

What is it about music that holds such a fascination for every culture in the world? Outside language, there is no more consistent aspect of human expression than music, and it is just as diverse. To say that music is a language is easily justified because each style can often claim its own rules just like grammar. Music is magical in its effect on us. It can make
us weep and laugh with joy, remind us of love lost or victories won. Music has the power to incite a riot of movements from our bodies or make us sit mesmerised by the gravity of its mood.

We are all attracted to different types of music from classical to country to punk rock and anything in between and that alone is extremely fascinating. We generally think that music is just a matter of taste or the mood we are
in but our attraction for music goes much deeper than that. Just as music and musical taste has over the centuries gone through many changes, so have the cultures that produced it. The slower a culture evolves the more traditional their music remains. Naturally we can have nostalgia for the music of the past but in a fast changing society music is always on the move.

The types of music created by a society reflect the diversity of the personality groups it contains. If a particular music style does not become popular it is only because there are not enough of a certain personality type around to support it. This says a lot more about who we are than you might imagine. Our state of mind is representative of who we believe we are which in turn determines how we feel about ourselves and the world. This inner state is also influences our perception, our taste in music and many other things. When we are asked why we like a certain kind of music we are usually at a loss to explain our attraction and can often only say; “I just do”. If you stop to think, there has to be a reason for your taste that is consistent with other qualities that make you different.

Besides being totally unique as individuals we also leave our childhood with a very unique set of personal issues. They too are a strong and significant part of who you believe yourself to be and therefore exercise their influence over your mind and how it expresses itself.

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31 October 2012 5:08 pm