Chapter 3 — The Beginning of Everything.

Our judgment, responses, reactions and choices are not necessarily spontaneous or even a conscious choice. Much of what drives us in life is a product of what we have learned in childhood through our parents, our culture and other environmental influences. The sense you have that your feelings, thoughts, responses and choices are normal is because you do not remember yourself to be any different from who you believe yourself to be right now. Your lack of awareness of who you truly are — the authentic and original nature of your being has long left your conscious memory.

So how is it that we do not know or forgotten who we authentically are and meant to be? How did the true nature of who we are get lost? In the absence of being and living as our authentic self, we live life as victims of an emotional environment of our own making, struggling to find truth, meaning and happiness in our existence. It is not like that all the time but, to a greater or lesser extent, we live life not in the fullness of our potential, as our authentic selves. To discover the answers that can lead us out of this state, we need to look at the beginning of our lives, without judgment or guilt.

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26 May 2015 8:30 pm