Chapter 4 — Trusting Fear.

Over the early period of our life, our perceived inner-identity evolves from innate elements of our psyche represented by our authentic self and all of its unique potentials and the beliefs created by the experiences life bring us. At the core and flowing through every part of your being is the force of unconditional love.

Taking on belief systems created by the fears and insecurities of your parents adds a negative conditional aspect to your sense-of-self rooted in fear. These fears will feel very real and because you will manifest them in your life and the experience they create will convince you that they are based in truth. When you start with a belief that is an illusion then what you create with it will ultimately be an illusion even though it will feel very real. Fear — illusionary or not — is an extremely powerful emotion that implies that we are in some kind of danger and therefore will consistently draw our attention, making it central to our expression in life. It urges us to respond to its call by implying we will risk our emotional survival if we ignore it.

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26 May 2015 8:34 pm