Chapter 7 — The Power of Intent.

The intent of unconditional love, acceptance and trust is to be loved, accepted and trusted and to be able to trust unconditionally and to know and accept unconditionally that you are lovable, acceptable and trustworthy. You could say that this is the intent of the essence of our being — your spirit. This intent acts like an inner motivation and a reference point for your mind by telling us that this is the standard and value by which your consciousness is in harmony with its sense of being, its spirit and the world in which it exists.

This innate intent influences the expression of who we believe we are, whether we know it or not, whether we think about it or not and whether we believe in it or not. The intent within unconditional love cannot be turned on or off — it is a part of everything. Any attempt to consciously control it through suppression or denial is futile. All you would be doing is to create a new intent in conflict with unconditional love, the consequences of which will be negative for both mind and body.

The spell intent holds over our being is like an encompassing force that steers our consciousness unfailingly towards seeking inner and outer harmony with the essence of our spirit — which is unconditional love, acceptance and trust. Our essence is by far the most powerful and most positive force in our consciousness and it cannot be extinguished.

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26 May 2015 8:37 pm