About Rudy

I have never been one to hide from truth or to avoid confrontation with my own issues but it has taken me time to understand the deeper meaning of the process of living life. My introduction to a series of books written by Jane Roberts – beginning with Seth Speaks – in my early thirties was the beginning of insight into to my self. Eventually, in my early forties, I began to work with clients using kinesiology. Not completely satisfied with what it achieved I developed a different approach to resolving psychological issues that proved to be extremely effective. The Truth of Love and Fear is an explanation of the philosophy that is at the basis of this therapy.

Working to resolve the emotional issues of my clients from about 1990 until now has given me much to learn and understand. The emotional issues I was presented with and my intense desire to achieve positive outcomes for my clients prompted me to apply myself without preconceived limits and without fear. In other words I would do and still do for each client whatever it takes to create real change. This approach has allowed me to discover aspects of human consciousness that I could not have imagined.

The Truth of Love and Fear is also a product of the contribution from every person that trusted me to work with them and the experience they provided me with. They made me realize that nothing we achieve is achieved alone.

Besides my clients there others who are or were in my life to whom I want to express my gratitude. Special appreciation goes to my friend Saxon Looker who inspired me to rewrite the longer initial version of this book. I also thank those who have provided emotional support through the years: My partner Andrea, my daughter Nikola, my friends Roger, Nagui, Duane, Henry, Carlos, and Glenn.

Rudy Eckhardt