The Truth of Love & Fear

This book was written to bring knowledge and awareness into the lives of others allowing them to see the illusions by which they live their lives so that they will recognize their truth.

The truth, you will realize, is actually very simple compared to the illusion or lie, which is very complicated and is the reason why we are deceived by what we believe our reality to be.

Even understanding what reality is can become confusing. Is the reality we are dealing with our inner-reality or the shared reality of the world? Are we referring to our intellectual or emotional reality or perhaps our spiritual reality?

The intention is to give answers to questions you may have never thought to ask. Answers, that relate to concepts that control every aspect of your life experience.

This book is about being not doing. It will show you how you can be a powerful person rather than just engage in acts of power. You will see that true change is very different from only changing your feelings, behaviours or attitude.

It will educate you about fear and guilt and how it influences your mind and controls your behaviour. It will lead you to a new understanding of the nature of unconditional love, acceptance and trust and explain the potential of your personal power and the lack of it. It will challenge your present way of thinking and make you question your perception. Be warned because it will change you and the way you see your life as you have lived it so far. It will alter your perception of your past, present and future.

The concepts you will be exposed to are both spiritual and psychological in nature because our mind and spirit are interrelated. You have the opportunity to get a perspective of yourself and your life that is presently hidden from your awareness. This information will reveal insights into the process of living life that will cause you to perceive yourself, others and the world from a new perspective.